Yes, everything will work itself out.

Michelle Jeovanny
1 min readNov 18, 2021

It always does. And if only we could enjoy more and pretend like all we have is right now, no worries or concern would hold any weight right now. But the truth is all we have is right now.. and your essence is joy.. your essence is peace…

So stop worrying or stressing yourself out.. just think about this: there’s a spec in the universe called Earth, that’s floating in the middle of the Universe. An entire planet is floating in the middle of nowhere and you’re busy worrying or trying to control such small things compared to this spec…

The other thing I’ve been telling myself lately is that how do I expect to be trusted with more if I’m not enjoying what I have.

Stay present. Smell the roses. Enjoy the moment. Live the moment. Time waits for no one. And the more we tap into our nature, the more we lead with joy and peace, trust and surrender, the more we open up to the gifts and beauty in this moment, which brings more moments filled with beauty and magick…

You are the projector.. you are the reflection.. every breathes your creation.. enjoy every moment.

All my luv,



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