Who else is feeling this electric energy?!

Michelle Jeovanny
3 min readJul 27, 2022

My heart is so full. And so energized!

Magnetized by the magical pull of what’s here now and the infinite possibilities of what’s available to us all.

The Lions Gate is opening.. can you feel it?

This is a time to start getting very intentional and devotional with our energy, our thoughts and actions.

Every moment feeling into the next.
Every step feeding the next.
Every breathe creating the next.

We are accelerating and embodying the desires in our heart.

Sometimes the vision and the context can get cloudy.

Lord knows this year has been a full on activation for me. All my shadows dancing at full speed. It got so dark.

Trauma has a way of coming up again and again and again for the opportunity to heal and finally integrate into who you were always destined to become.

And it’s tough. Tougher than everyone shares.
Some of us retreat into the cave and go into the pit of our darkness only to be rebirthed again.

You know that scene from Stranger Things where Max is running from Vecna towards the light..

That was me. Running towards the light but the darkness had me.

And God said can you stop running from your pain and embrace all of you.

What I was deeply aware of on a soul level in the mist of massive resistance, contrast, sadness and heavy loss, is that every experience was deepening the depth of my container and growing my roots to hold what I had no understanding of what was to come.

Death comes in different forms.
For different purposes.

And yet always, always, always death is an initiation.

I was undergoing a series of deaths to be able to clear space from all the static of old expired identities, belief systems and conditioned thinking.

I didn’t understand.
My human resisted every disappointment. Every act of what I perceived as betrayal.
All the pain that came with growth.
All the moments I spiritually bypassed and gaslighted myself because of my addiction to doing at all costs. All the pain I experienced as abandonment when it was time to let go.

My heart hurt big time and in this sacred unraveling, I began to hold space for myself like never before.

I began to forgive God and release the hold I had of the past. I began to converse with God every moment I could.

And each step became a stepping stone towards inner freedom.

The context of my life and my business in an act of sacred rebelión shrank so small that I couldn’t recognize myself.

I dove deeper into divine listening and started embracing each moment as sacred.

I dropped the expectations of friends and family and poured into me like my life depended on.

It took 9 doctors to figure out what my soul already knew. I was depleted on all levels.

Hormonal imbalances that led me back into my own heart, no longer numb to what I had to overcome as a child, as a teen, as a young adult.

Slowly but surely I got stronger. I placed energetic boundaries and became a clearing for God to answer and create through me.

I am still on my journey.. and will forever be committed to my soul alignment and inner growth.

What I got clear on after watching Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Kevin Heart live this past Saturday is that I am not going anywhere.. I am just getting started.

13 years in this game is nothing compared to 30, 40, 50 years of mastery.. And I am so here for this!

Beyond grateful for all of it, knowing the best is yet to come because everyday I work on me, I get better and better in service to the divine that lives in us all.

Growing into the full embodiment of our divine potential is the greatest contribution I/You/We can be.

You are so powerful, magical and beautiful.
Know that greatness is your birthright.

We are God’s answer.

May you remember, know, and embody who the f#ck you really are in all your glory!

And to little Michelle: God I love you so much baby girl.. what a ride it has been. Honoring you every step of the way!

All my luv,



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