When you come back home to yourself…

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readNov 15, 2022


At first it feels scary.. even foreign at times.

The feeling amplifies at the beginning of every journey back home… needing to feel the reality of what an untended garden looks and feels like.

Without the distractions or detours. Needing to understand how lost we became in the process and the severity of how the barriers to love and the illusion of scarcity became strong life-depleting weeds binding the soil from ever truly flourishing.

And then once you surrender to the absence and abandonment, and how neglected our home has been…

You find yourself on the journey of untethering, pulling the weeds, tilling the soil..

Slowly but surely, any idea rooted in lack, scarcity and unworthiness starts to dissolve back into the nothingness.

Like a proud mama bear, we witness the soil take form into a lush bed of rich dark fertile soil.. getting ready, getting primed to receive the seeds of infinite potential and endless possibilities.

But first we take care of the soil. Diligently. Intentionally. With love, care and devotion. As we continue on this journey of freedom and coming back home to ourselves..

Choosing ourselves over and over and over again.

At first it’s scary and feels foreign, but then you remember the magick behind who and what we truly are and how worthy we are to live in the pure bliss of our true regal Home.

All my luv,



Michelle Jeovanny

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