That one word alone has meant so many things to me in such a short lifetime… I think back at all the times I didn’t trust myself. And how it reflected on me not trusting others. Me not trusting the world. Me not trusting the journey, the moment.. the process. So many times I projected this lack of trust onto others. I held back and shrank many times because I didn’t trust my own voice.

But now I look back at all those times with so much gratitude.. every breakdown led me to a massive breakthrough where I began to trust myself every day a little bit more. And the more I trusted myself the more I own my power in who I AM.

TRUST. Wherever you are right now is leading you to something much bigger. Trust this moment is perfectly designed to unlock your greatness. Trust the people in your life are there to mirror what’s next for you. Regardless if you love or resist the shit out of them.. trust this moment is building you up energetically for what your soul is calling forth.

TRUST ➡️ Your love, your fears, it’s all leading you towards a path your soul designed a long time ago.

TRUST ➡️ You are bigger than every fear, circumstance, and limiting belief…

TRUST ➡️ You will find a way if you believe.

TRUST LIFE IS HAPPENING FOR YOU… Every dream is carefully planted by your higher self because you were chosen for those exact dreams. You have what it takes. You are worthy of having all your dreams come true. TRUST you have what it takes. And you are well on your way!! 💜

All my luv,



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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom