Michelle Jeovanny
1 min readJan 25, 2022


This year feels like one massive up level for me personally.

Everything is being rooted and transforming at such a fast pace. More on that soon.

Some look at the in between phase of dreaming, creating, and manifesting as a big ass breakdown.

It can feel daunting, overwhelming, unclear and full of challenges.

But know this, life and everything you have been through has prepared you for what’s in front of you.

You are more than capable.

Every single moment has led you to this moment.

And in this moment you have all the power to create what’s next.

Because you are one bad ass creator.

Say it with me:

We are always getting better and better.

No matter what.

Progress and success are not linear.. I do believe growth is constant if we choose to keep moving forward no matter what.

Take the lessons and keep going.

We will have our moments that will have us questioning what in the actual fuck.

But I promise you slow and steady, every day showing up for you and your vision is what matters most.

Because in that consistent honoring, we continue cultivating our greatness.

Stay focused.

Know who the fuck you are.

All my luv,




Michelle Jeovanny

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