There was a time where we would follow the stars home.

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readNov 14, 2022

There were no maps. No roads. Just the sea and a constellation of stars that would guide us to our destination.

We looked up and knew exactly where we were and where to go.

Stars have always fascinated me.

There are constellations above us, below us and all around us.

There are stars below the ground we walk on.

Milky Way and endless galaxies that illuminate the dark skies.

We make wishes on these stars.
We created a zodiac of astrology.
Maps and science birthed from the stars.
Akashic records.

So much magick.

But somehow somewhere along the way we forget that we are stars descended here in human form.

That just like there are constellations of epic stars above and all around us.. the beautiful majestic star grid is incomplete if we don’t count the constellations that we humans are.

So next time you see a mirror make a wish upon the radiant star that you, me, we all are.

And then show up everyday as that wish.

Your heart knows the way.

I love you.



Michelle Jeovanny

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