Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readJan 10, 2023


Here’s to releasing all the needs to be feel validated and celebrated.

To loving ourselves in the micro moments.

It’s easy when you sign the client, book the keynote, or make a big sale.

It’s easy when you’re celebrating birthdays and finish launches.

It’s easy in the big moments, but this year we get to dive into the magick of the mundane.

Making it easy to love ourselves in the micro moments.

When we meditate and finish a good workout.

When we make a delicious meal and start our day in prayer as an offering in gratitude.

When we send that text to someone we’re thinking of.

When we send those flowers to remind those far how much they’re loved.

When we tidy up our space to work from a clean space.

When we water our plants and do the laundry.

When we light up the candle and wash the dishes.

When we publish a post and send all those who read it so much love.

It’s when we learn to learn to luv ourselves in the micro moments, is when we turn life into the most beautiful ever unfolding ceremony.

Life is a continuous magick ritual the moment we choose bring presence and devotion into every micro moment.

May we luv ourselves deeply in the micro moments of this beautiful life we call a gift.

I promise you the best is here.. it’s already happening, for each and every one of us, if you choose to be believe.

‘All we need is the right frequency and the belief in who you are.’

All my luv,

P.S. My beautiful nice #babyAlina turned one month yesterday! She had so much energy that she put me to sleep bright and early lol.. Help me shower her with luv!



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