THE FIRST STEP TO MASTERY is knowing who and what we really are.

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readFeb 3


The best way to understand who we are is by unraveling everything we are not.

We dive deep into untethering from all the contrast, static, and noise of who we think we are, who we’ve been programmed to believe that we are.

Once we drop the resistance space opens up for creation.

A space where we begin to listen and operate from our soul’s wisdom. We do the inner + outer work to create a new identity, to upgrade our minds operating software.

Like an onion, we unravel back to source, that pure space of luv begins to emerge the moment we take mastery of who we really are.

Pure magick unraveling.

Mastery lives in the energetics, in the alignment of our thoughts, emotions and actions that breed a consistent elevated way of being, seeing, creating and receiving life.

Navigating the duality of life as we stay deeply attuned to grace and innocence, while meeting the depths of who we are.

Pure magick unraveling in the perfect order.

It’s beautiful and challenging, especially when we’re attached.

Its full of wonder + magick, when we attune to the flow that’s only available through creating space for mastery to unfold.

That my friends is a forever journey with no destination.

How we win the game of life becomes a testament of how we truly play the game.


Mastery becomes an art to those who can see, hear & dance to the beat of our heartdrum.

It’s a way of life.
An art that keeps revealing Itself.

The path of a Warrior.
The path of a King & Queen.
The path of Purpose & Legacy.
The path of Prosperity.

How fast can we release the static of resistance and dive into the well of infinite magick that is you?

Magick Flo is open for enrollment.

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In partnership with Microdosing Institute, I designed a powerful microdosing mastermind that offers an integrative framework of distinctions, meditations, quantum healing hypnosis, journal prompts, hot seat coaching, somatic practices and accountability.

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I wouldn’t wait on this one.

All my luv,



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