Michelle Jeovanny
1 min readNov 25, 2022

Thanksgiving was the last day we all spent with my grandmother as a family. It’s a tradition we’ve kept going to honor her memory and the thing she loves most: family being together.

I miss her a lot these days. The way she’d leave us voice notes singing. You could feel her love from the moment you heard her voice.

I ran away to NY from home the eve before thanksgiving.. she was the only one I called as I embarked on a journey of choosing to be homeless in a foreign country.

Love your people. I know family and holidays can bring up a lot for those who didn’t have a loving secured relationship with their family.

Forgive those you can. Set yourself free. Send them luv and get super intentional with this new moon in creating the experiences, traditions and rituals for the life you dream of and so deserve.

Grateful for life, for my family. For my health and my purpose. For my friends who are like family. Grateful for the contrast that always serves as medicine. Grateful for you all!

I love you.



Michelle Jeovanny

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