..for this amazing life.

For my work. My purpose and mission in life. Wakes me up with passion, creativity, valor and vigor to serve.

For healing and transcending.

For my family.

For my sexy, loving, and super funny husband that keeps me grounded and laughing. I luv you.

For my bonus children and fur babies. They keep me young and laughing. And at times morbidly savoring each moment. I adore you.

For all children and the inner child in all souls.

For my clients, students and community.. you are the magick to this mission of mine. Thank you for trusting, for believing in yourself, and growing with me.

For my team that is growing and feel so aligned. For the trust, patience and acceptance of all my crazy wild ideas and disorganized madness.

For homes. For interior decor. And art. For the beauty and experiences it creates in humans.

For humans. All humans no exceptions. For every #humanonamission that pours their heart and soul into each step.

For all those making the best of each day, bringing solutions and caring about others.

For family and friends that nourish my soul. And belly laughs and giggles.

For Mama Nature… Her magical trees. The great majestic ocean. The lakes. The winds and her breeze. The clouds. Flowers. Mountains and grass fields. For all of Her wonders.

For Father sky. The sun, moon and stars and all our brothers and sisters across all galaxies.

For money and wealth, and all the possibilities it commands.

For clean air and clear waters.

For airplanes. And yummy food. For boats and floating in the water.

For spas. And massages.

For New York and its tenacity and all the wonder it brings to my big dreams.

For parks and dogs. For birds and the music they bring. Hawks and owls, whales and elephants.

All animals.

For music. The fast, the slow, the oldies, all the drums, beats and melodies.

For make up and fashion. For restaurants, uber eats and insta cart. For comfy pillows and beds. For cars and sunroofs.

For #burningman and all artists and healers of the world.

For doctors. And nature’s medicines.

For teas. And sacred herbs and plants.

For hot Matcha oat milk lattes.

For luv. Generosity and reciprocity. And growth.

For the people who care and show up.

For legacy.

For really good comedians.

For home and community.

For faith, prayer and worship. For the spirit world and the underworld.

For slow mornings and fireplaces.

For magick and miracles.

For all of it. I’m here for it.

Thank you God.

Thank you Great Spirit.

Thank you Pachamama.

Let’s continue this ripple of gratitude.. Share yours..

and thanks to the money queen @xoamandafrances for kicking it off.

All my luv,




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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom