Michelle Jeovanny
1 min readMay 27, 2022


Being Spirit led takes a lot more courage, allowing and surrender than we think.

It’s listening way more than speaking.

It’s honoring way more than judging or assessing.

It’s asking way more than telling.

Often times we forget. We’re quick to insert our opinion. We’re too quick to think we know. That our way is the way.

And it’s not… there are 7 billion/infinite ways and yet Spirit is leading all the ways. So many rivers that lead us to the same ocean.

The ego might be thinking its driving the wheel but Spirit owns every road, every detour, every bump, every high and low, every way.

We just get to ask, and by how good our listening is determines how well and graceful the journey unfolds.

Either way we cannot f this thing up no matter what. And that is a testament to how loved and supported you truly are.

SAY IT WITH ME: Spirit lead me, use me, every step of the way I am listening. I am guided by your luv. I am held by your safety. I am your daughter/son. I am golden.



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