Some people will never celebrate you.

Some people will see what you have and want it so bad, yet never do the work to develop the faith, the mindset, the energetic alignment and work execution to have what they desire.

Instead, they become jealous and resentful; they make up stories about you and are so quick to point out your flaws and tear you down in front of others, behind your back (because they’ll never have the courage to say it to your face).

Their insecurity got the best of them and that means NOTHING about you.

Instead of seeing your light as a mirror of what’s possible when you do the inner + outer work,

some prefer to dig their heels + resort to scarcity driven conversations because they lack the confidence to break through their own self perceived limitations.

The people that you see that have what you want, know that YOU called them in.

God placed them there for your subconscious to believe what’s possible when faith meets trust, alignment and execution.

They are not there to make you feel sad. They create the evidence needed to believe that if they can do it, so can you!

In the end none of that sh!t matters because in truth, you living the embodiment of work, the embodiment of your dreams + desires is exactly what you are here to do.

Your testimony of you living in gratitude for all that you created and are creating gets to be celebrated

It’s a permission slip to dream bigger and believe in what’s possible.

But only they can do the work.
Only we can be responsible for our own.

For our own path + light.
For our own truth + destiny.
For our own liberation.

My deepest desire is that we ALL win.

May we all be happy, healthy, wealthy and thriving on all levels.

For the greater good of all, I wish for us to have the life we dream of.

To live it now, moment to moment.

Everyday getting better and better, loving + living into the greatest version of ourselves now.

Until they can see it for themselves, send them luv and boundaries, keep your blinders on.

You’re not doing it for them and yet you are.
There’s a beautiful healing dance that happens in the sacred alchemy of true polarity.

Keep on keeping on, shining bright AF.

Your light is medicine for this world.

You got this luv. And I believe in you.

All my luv,



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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom