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4 min readMay 25, 2022


First half of 2022. Profound gratitude. Lots of breakthroughs. And lots and lots of self care, support and stress management lol. I called this year the mega up level because of all the transition and changes that have, are and will be taking place throughout the year. And I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t overwhelmed and afraid of all the change. My nervous system was in fight or flight. I knew the level of presence, energy and attention this first quarter demanded of me. I knew the learning curve was high. Things I had no clue about. And I struggled big time. Facing off and healing old wounds and stories of feeling inadequate. Stories that felt paralyzing. Staying offline and becoming super present with life outside our virtual reality became super important. I wanted to let go of this attachment of needing to be online for my business or community. Of having to be on the phone all the time. A couple days later I had lost my phone. What perfect timing! I was off the grid for a few weeks.

We finally moved into our new home and that was such a journey in itself. To be with the joy and the grief together as we stepped into all the decision making that comes with owning and living in our new home.. The joy of all the new and stepping into everything this new chapter represented for us both. But also the grief of letting go of major constructs and beliefs that kept us comfortable. Man oh man! We went to work and little by little designed our little dream home and so much more details are in the making.

Nothing comes between a queen and the spaces where she communes.. her temple. We live to beautify our spaces and our home became art. A space to express. To enjoy. To breathe. But Spirit had some jokes along the way as well just like the phone trick. More on that another time.

The moral of the story is things will look different. And yes sometimes they need to completely fall apart to make it space..

And yet it is still up to us to not get so attached to how it looks or how we think it should be.

It’s up to us to keep dreaming AND keep living our best life now. Even when that feels like a moment to moment choice and practice. Even when everything says other wise, pour into you and make sure you are good. And if you’re not good, get the support and resources you need to be good with yourself.

Times are stressful. And times are moving fast — like how is it almost June. Things may feel even more stressful with how volatile the economy is and how crazy inflation is right now.

And on top of that you have life doing its thang.. breathe and know you are exactly where you are meant to be. Know you are way more capable, resilient and powerful than you think you are. Know that you are so loved and deeply supported and led. Know that as bad as it seems, you still have the power to choose love and joy over being a victim to our circumstances.

Still it’s up to us to rise to the occasion and enjoy life now. Despite the circumstances. To make the best of it. Right now.

And if you’re struggling. Be ready to receive the love. the support. the laughter. the tribe. Be open to receiving something totally unexpected. All the love that is being poured on you as you’re reading this post.

Be ready to embrace all the wonder and the joy that comes with knowing you are exactly where you need to be. Even if it feels undone for now.

Trust the process.
You are deep in transition.
Totally immersed in the becoming.
In the pursuit of embodying the sweet nectar of radical freedom. And that can feel like massive contrast in the beginning. But I promise you it gets better.

We can choose to presence the love wherever we feel like it. We can presence the joy of being alive in every breathe. The beauty of truly living lives in the now. The freedom to be and create. To breathe life and receive life. To become one with. I promise you it gets better even if it’s unclear right now.

Keep going. Crown high. Heart open wide. Being gentle. Sharing compassion. Sharing your light.

All my luv, #michellejeovanny



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