Scorpio Season

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readOct 21, 2022

As we welcome Scorpio season tomorrow, we are also preparing energetically for the final eclipse season of 2022.

Next Tuesday we embrace the first eclipse in Scorpio, offering us an opportunity to dive deeer into our shadows..

Meeting the shadows with luv and compassion gifts us the unlocking of our gifts, setting us free to be who we came here to be.

Messengers of truth and luv.

Some run and avoid and distract themselves during this season.

The thinning of the veil can be a lot to the sensitive souls, especially to those befriending the master teacher called Grief.

But I find it’s in the dark that we own the light of who we truly are.

It’s in the shadows that we unravel who we came here to be as a light spark fully emanating and embodying the radiance of Great Spirit’s luv.

Be gentle with this first eclipse.

The second one in Taurus offers more grounding and soothing to the pain of bringing light to darkness, the soft and tenderness that comes from old scabs finally seeing light.

Some have already ripped off bandages and they can feel and see now without the distractions.. Knowing this life was always a game of true awakening.

And to win the game we must live the rules, honoring the laws of the universe.

It’s a time to come together.. but it’s also a time to walk the path alone.

In solitude meeting the depths of our soul.

For only we can unravel the treasures awaiting us beneath the veil of our shadows.

So much magick awaits those who dare to meet their pain with so much grace.

A game of intention and pure surrender.

Living in the bliss that comes with non- attachment.

Forever rooted in the magick of the here now.

A coming home to our selves.

Celebrating each moment.

All my luv,



Michelle Jeovanny

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