Pisces New Moon — I have a lot to say but not really.

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readFeb 20


Pisces works best on the energetic level.. she’s a moon of few words for this one is for the dreamers.

This new moon take time to feel into your dreams as you allow yourself to dream big.

Ask your body to show you what it feels like in your body to have and hold the dream already manifested?

Sometimes we have to get out of our way and give ourselves permission to dream all over again.

What does having that dream already manifested FEEL LIKE?

Pisces is about loving what is and turning it all into a blissful dream that feels so good, we can’t help but romanticize every moment.

She’s the dreamer, the healer, the mystic, Pisces is the clairvoyant, the telepathic, she’s the queen of manifesting through feeling the dream versus planning and strategizes.. that actually cancels out the Pisces magick.

It’s a time to move slower and feel into the heart, deep into the realm of imagination where God dwells.

This is the last few days of enrollment for Magick Flo — a 7week mastermind to harness and harmonize the power of who you are.

We start on the full moon of March 7th.

Dm for more info.

To us.
To all that is ours.

Happy dreaming!

Make it so big and juicy, the Universe can’t help to conspire.

All my luv,



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