May we always expect magick.

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readJan 31, 2023


Our expectations create a lot more than we think.

See our expectations reside in a frequency of certainty.

When we expect something, we’re almost certain of it. And that certainty will absolutely create an opening for your beliefs to be magnified and manifested.

It’s like the old saying goes ‘If you build it, they will come.’ You’re creating with an expectation. And that level of certainty will magnetize the expectation.

It can go both ways.. if we expect shitty circumstances, if we hold people trapped in a story, if we believe we’re horrible with money, before your know it, the story of our expectation will unfold. If we expect magick, miracles flow.

I tell my clients ‘what’s your Amazon Order into Universe? Because when we order from amazon, we pay and then we go about our merry way, expecting that package to come through any day now.

Imagine if we expected our desires in that way, where we showed up (aligned embodied presence), placed the order (got clear and made a choice), paid the dues (inner + outer work) and then SURRENDERED by going about our merry way, EXPECTING that delivery to come through, because we have absolute clarity, faith, certainty (all the same frequency btw) in our expectations.

May we always expect magick and miracles.
That’s where the field of infinite possibilities, pure potentiality reigns.. in the heart’s true domain.

I’ll meet you there.

All my luv,

P.S. Dreams are promises the soul makes.



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