Magick Flo

Michelle Jeovanny
3 min readFeb 2


There’s a universal flow that is in control of all of life.

Imagine waking up with a clear plan.
Imagine moving through life inspired and feeling confident about what’s next.

Imagine asking for what you need.
Imagine daring bravely the wonders of your soul.
Imagine feeling connected to your guides and the Source of all.

You show up, take up space, take the risk, choose your dreams and show up for you.

And everything makes sense.

You don’t have the next 10 years figured out but feeling good about life even in the sacred of uncertainty is your new baseline.

It feels so good to be you.

You trust life.
You trust yourself.
You dream big.
You show up big.

You know exactly what to do.

Every moment is alive, pulsing with infinite possibility, full of power.

We dive into deep gratitude and we slow down to feel each breath unfold.

Every exhale acting as a conduit, carrying out the frequency of our desires.

It feels good to not know every move and still feel good, expecting magick and miracles to flow.

We move through the duality of life, learning to harmonize the integration of sacred feminine and divine masculine flow, from soul and strategy to embodiment, from vision and goals to a manifestation, from dreams and desires to a shared reality.

There’s no more second guessing or playing small.

Because you’re connected to the bigness of life, the boldness of your dreams, the sweetness of your desires, the endless well of Great Spirit’s bliss, joy and eternal flow…

You’re the source of the magick in every moment.

When we trust life and move at the speed of our intentions, we literally become an unstoppable force of luv.

That is what we inherently are.

Unstoppable when we are deeply attuned to our MAGICK FLO.

Welcome to our first offering.


A 7-week Microdosing journey to harness and harmonize the power of your mind, heart and soul.

When this magical trinity lives in alignment, there is nothing we cannot co create.

The hearts whispers, I AM FREE.

In partnership with The Microdosing Institute, I designed MAGICK FLO, an epic 7-week Microdosing mastermind with weekly group calls that includes mentorship, guided meditations, breath work, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and weekly assignments, integration and accountability.

This is about releasing the static in your brain, body and being to create space and attune to your Magick Flo.

We start on the full moon — March 7th. All the material for the program will be provided.

Applications are now open. Spaces are limited. DM for more info.

Investment is $2,222.

Enrollment closes in two weeks.

Let me know if you’re in!

All my luv,



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