Happy moon day luvs!

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readNov 22, 2022


I don’t really brag.. I’m more of the introvert in my business. I observe and make moves in the behind the scenes.

My partner is more of the extrovert and because he’s always talking business, many people assume it’s his business, that he’s the one that has created all that we have.

Many of our friends & acquaintances will come to him for advice and over the years that created a big wound for me in wanting to prove to this man’s man’s world that women lead and create magick.. I so desperately wanted to get validated for all that I bring to all of our businesses we started from scratch which is A LOT.

Today I get to brag to inspire. Been on a quest of what does it look and feel like to work smarter and easier. Away on a magical cruise, I flipped two domains that I purchased at 9.99 each and sold for 11k.

Now that’s what I call easy. All transfer fees paid by the buyer. The bittersweet part is that those domains represented visions I get to surrender to Great Spirit.

In the negotiation my partner said take the first offer of 500, but my intuition was a hard no. And I’m so glad I trusted myself.

Over the years I’ve coached 6 and 7 figure owners in scaling their business but more importantly in doing it in integrity with their values and the lifestyle they truly dream of.

I’ve coached people into financial freedom, from broke to not having to work at all, because their investments are covering their expenses & lifestyle.

I’ve coached doctors, lawyers, actors, engineers, but my favs are the entrepreneurs who dream of changing the world through their legacy.

Through the contribution of who they get to be on this Earth, moment to moment.

Humans on a mission.

Family first business owners.

I call them the Game Changers.

I honor you all for believing in that dream and being who you had to become for that dream to flourish.

For us soul entrepreneurs, the game just gets better and better.

Because we get better and better.

There is no stopping us because Great Spirit is moving through us.

There is no limit to infinite co-creators.

Everyday it gets better and better.

Because we say so.

All my luv,



Michelle Jeovanny

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