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Michelle Jeovanny
3 min readAug 26, 2021


There’s spiritual warfare playing out in the ethers…

For those that understand that the spiritual world precedes the physical world, the physical world is a creation at the effect of the spiritual world.

The context creates the content.. for example in the context of the direction my index finger means north, in the context of numbers, my index finger would mean the number one. Our context is literally creating exactly what shows up in our world.

But then we have the elephant in the room, a long arduous, and exhausting spiritual warfare.. a vast manipulative force that uses propaganda to manipulate the context to continuously confuse the minds and hearts swimming in a collective consciousness with specific ill-intended context. A very well-written narrative that dates back hundreds of years of planning and strategizing.

When we are confused, swimming in distortion, believing in lies, we have no idea how to even trust our own spiritual GPS.

If all the addresses are switched and you’ve been relying on an external GPS to guide you home, you will be lost for hours, days, weeks trying to get home confused AF. Exhausted, frustrated, and afraid.. the perfect combo to becoming malleable. Easily manipulated.

And yes as spiritual disciples, leaders, and warriors, one wants to shout and get loud and fight but this just strengthens the opposing forces in this elusive world of pure duality. Where duality creates the exact context we have been swimming in all along.

I’ve taken a huge step back from the online world because of all the divisive propaganda and fear-based tactics I see happening here. When my grandmother transitioned I realized I had to focus on what I was building offline so that I can actually do my part in building a new kingdom with all the other grid workers and lightworkers.. so many of you volunteers that descended from different parts of the universe to assist from within.

We can only create something new by being so immersed in pure creation. Dropping all divide. Dropping all resistance as all resistance simply tethers us to the old dying paradigm that continues to get louder as it loses its power.

Virgo Season is upon us and it’s time to build anew. And that requires hard work in silence within the prism of our heart’s imagination because our creation requires a mind of stillness, strength, and utter devotion.

I would be lying if I said it will be easy.. but this I can assure you:: if you use every moment to guard your mind and heart, to elevate your vibration, to love and protect the youth around you, to create from your heart’s guidance, and to use the chaos present to attune to and strengthen your connection to Great Spirit, all will be well.

Trust your heart and allow Her to guide you! I love you.

Bowing to all my inner teachers in reverence.

All my luv,



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