First #newmoon of 2023 comes in with the bold visionary Aquarius.

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readJan 23


This one is for the change makers, the game changers, the trailblazers, the leaders and visionaries, the ones who understand community is the real guru.

And we all have Aquarius energy within us.

This super moon is an auspicious one.

She’s amplifying all our dreams that are rooted in growth, service, success, and fulfillment.

All rooted in the uniqueness that is you.

A magical soul that took flight in this sacred vessel ready to be the offering you are to this world.

You are as unique as your magical thumbprint is in the whole design of life in all its form.

You have dreams in your heart that came to ignite a new world emerging through us all.

Dreams take flight in the breakdowns that occur when we dare to declare the impossible.

You gotta get really comfortable in the uncomfortable.

You gotta bring bliss into the face of adversity.

Loving on all those parts of you that are dying..

That are ready to set free this new version of you and your vision that is seeking to be manifested through you.

Aquarius supermoon is asking us to dive within the creation that gets stirred in the stillness of our centered self.

Integrity equals magick.

Alignment is effortless when we move with integrity.

Surrender becomes effortless when we move with unwavering trust in the great unknown.

We have clear skies until April.
Use this time wisely.
A rebirth is upon us.

Move diligently knowing there is a great army of light behind you.

You’re not alone.
You know exactly what to do.

It’s not about how grand the vision is but how intently we move about our creation.

Dreams are promises the soul makes.

Write it down.
Feel it happening.
Light that candle.
Take that salt bath.

Dance to the authentic beat of your heart drum.

What would you declare next once your dream manifests?

That’s how we move with certainty, with unwavering faith in action.

Love and devotion, my luvs.

Be still and know who you are.

Powerful and magical.

Without a doubt.

We got this.

It’s time.

I believe in you.
I believe in us.

All my luv,



Michelle Jeovanny

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