This entire social media trend is only highlighting the obvious.

Everyone is looking outside of themselves, craving connection, craving to be seen and heard.

Craving to feel a part of something bigger.

But all the posting, liking, hearting, commenting doesn’t really satisfy that void.

It actually deepens the void because the search is still in the external.

People are still looking outside of themselves for the answer.

Stop comparing your journey with people who are marketing experts, curating pictures and posts to create a certain vibe that has you say to yourself, ‘I want that!’ And yet you have no idea about the inner demons they’re dealing with.

Do the work and stay in your lane.

Stop looking without and start digging within.

Every new desire will require a new you.

But if we keep looking outside of ourselves, that next level comes with massive distractions, headaches, heartaches, and detours.

Can we still dance our way towards what we desire without getting stuck in this palace of illusions?

Life has a way of asking us::: how bad do we want it?

And are you willing to create space for your desires to emerge?

Are you willing to get out of your way and own who you are?

To own your purpose. Own your life, your love, your money, your desires like never before.

Happy Jupiter’s Day!

P.S. We are in the last few days of enrollment before we kick off MAGICK YEAR — — My 9 week online group mentorship to create your greatest year ever. Pandemic or no pandemic, this is for the spiritually mature, authentic genuine souls committed to living their purpose and creating their greatest year yet.

For details and investment options


We start Feb 2nd under the new moon vibes. I cannot wait!

All my luv,



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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom