Every day so many babies are born. And everyday so many people leave this plane.

Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readJan 25, 2023


I’ve always hated the word death because the soul knows there is no such thing. We simply depart into another realm.

Those are the two givens of life.
To be born and to depart.

It’s up to us to seize each moment of life we have been gifted.

To make each moment count.
To seize and create the magick in every moment.

To magnify Great Spirit in every breathe.

Each one of us born with a divine blueprint and a spirit team to assist us.

Free will means we have the choice to get up every day and live into the potential we all carry in our soul.

There’s so much magick to each and everyone of us.. we just get to believe it in order to see it and become it.

The skies are clear my friends all the way until April. How will you maximize this opportunity?

Get out of the old loops of the mind and move into the power of your soul.


The skies all wait on you to catalyze this moment in time.

Your spirit team awaits for your lead.
There’s no way to f it up..
you’ve already won, if and when you choose to believe and lead from this magical knowing..

That it’s always always always working out to your greatest becoming.

So much magick awaits those who believe in the power of who they are.

And most importantly in the source of their power and prosperity.

I believe in you.
I believe in us.

Thank you for being here now.
Thank you for being you!

All my luv fam,

Dreams are promises the soul makes.



Michelle Jeovanny

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