Compassion is so needed.

Compassion is so needed.

Everywhere I look it’s easy to be hard on ourselves. Pointing the finger and condemning one another. That human connection…

That empathy we preach often is sometimes forgotten when it comes to those closest to us. I see a lot of Facebook extravaganza. People mostly post the good and the great.. Forgetting to mention all the bumps, trials, and lessons that got them there. People can post pics of their plans and yet forget how they’ve hurt so many they are still incomplete with and yet carry their heads high with no remorse or sense of responsibility.

We live in a world where speakers speak, coaches coach, trainers train, everyone has something to say but very few walk the talk where it matters most. I love hearing from the people I call experts who say ‘I’m far from perfect… I’m still figuring it out… Tell me who is enlightened after all?’ It’s refreshing. It’s real.

I was once asked in an interview if I still had fears, I laughed out loud, “do I?!” It’s easy to glorify the good and dismiss the dark. We talk about politicians all day and all night, quick to call them out on their flaws but not one single person sees how all those qualities we dislike in our candidates are being reflected back to each one of us.

The collective consciousness has revealed to us who we are when it comes to our political candidates and where we get to heal and grow. Professional and personal blurred into one. Expectations and disappointments. I’m still learning. But this time I got a little more clear of the breakdown in my own marketing… In my own being.

God has a beautiful way of illuminating where we get to grow. I’m listening. Compassion though. We are all bright lights in the making. And we’ve come a long way. Honor that light that keeps shining no matter what.

All my luv,



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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom