As co creators we are the co pilot of our lives, we determine the direction and altitude.

Nature determines the rest. The direction is determined by defining the game.

What’s the vision?

What’s the experience you desire?

The altitude is important too.

Because sometimes we get so wrapped up in the game of pursuit, we tend to take this life so seriously that we forget to fly high and play.

We forget it’s all a game.

The altitude reminds us to look at things from a birds eye view.

The higher we go the more perspective we gain.

The more we understand the bigger picture, the more we embrace and love and live out each moment fully.

Everything has purpose and it becomes easier when we remember to play and enjoy the game.

We were all meant to fly high.. and that will always be an inside game.

Are you willing to put in the work and focus on you.. focus on your vision and your goals.. focus the feeling..

It’s time to fly!

All my luv,



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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom