I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom

It’s when our vibrations are high that we are of best service to ourselves and the world.

Find your joy.
Live your truth.

Dream big.

Surround yourselves with like-minded and like-hearted players.

Every bit of your surroundings from your home, clothes, belongings, to your friends, your work, your colleagues, and clients.

It’s all a reflection of us and how we value who we are…

How we value the meaning of our lives, and how we value our medicine, our purpose, our vision, what we’re up to, and why.

Love yourself like never before.

Because the moment we do, our self-love up levels EVERYTHING.

It’s all energy.

We open up our energetic pathways to call in what we know we deserve.

Stop settling.
Start loving.

Start loving yourself with action and watch what happens.

I love you.

Living in alignment comes through radical honesty.

So much of our work lies in restoring and getting back to our center as nature lives within integrity.

The environment delivers a product, just like soil and water cultivates a seed into a flower.

We, as human beings, are the product of…

As soon as you start taking action, you will become clear, and clearer. So, when the time is on, take action. And the pressure will be off like Yogi Bhajan once said. Nothing else matters. Be in action of what matters most to you… do it just because. Take action and watch how you find the clarity you’re looking for. Thats how we honor our vision.. by taking action. That’s how our vision takes flight. That’s how our vision materializes.

All my luv,


So many energies around structure, purpose, goals, career, ambition, responsibility are being highlighted around the new year.

And perhaps one of the greatest lessons is that structure, discipline and boundaries create true freedom.

But what if that level of clarity can only come from truly devoting ourselves to what feels…

I’m calling in my soul from all times and all spaces, from all realms and all dimensions.

We’re not meant to fit in. If it doesn’t feel right most likely it’s not.

And yet there lies the lesson. An opportunity for you to get real and to give yourself permission…

Michelle Jeovanny

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