1. ACKNOWLEDGE: Pretending it’s not there doesn’t work.

Love and lighting the situation into God’s perfect plan as we sweep under the rug does nothing. We get to acknowledge it.

You don’t have to go into full story mode if you don’t feel comfortable. But acknowledging the situation sometimes takes off the huge burden of the 500lb gorilla you’ve been carrying internally.

Acknowledging the mountain makes you REAL.

It opens up conversations that create different perspectives, as well as opens the door to receive support even if it’s just words of encouragement when you run out of for yourself.

You cannot heal what you are hiding. (Read that again).

2. ACCEPTANCE: A lot of times it’s denial that gets us in trouble.

Acceptance doesn’t mean defeat or resignation.

Acceptance is calling it forward —that unhealed vulnerable aspect within ourselves to be loved, witnessed and accepted.

The acceptance frees up the resistance, it relinquishes the fight and moves into honor.

This is the situation and I honor that I am the creator of this creation.

Sometimes it’s easy and some days it’s a full blown practice, but accepting as your creation based on past beliefs, fears and old programming, you now have the greatest opportunity to heal and take full charge of what you intend to create going forward.

3. ASSURANCE: We are never given more than we cannot hold and transform.

Some mountains are done within a day, others can take a lifetime.

But whatever burden we have created and attracted, we are also given the internal and external resources to reclaim victory and freedom.

Things happening externally means things are shifting big time in our inner word.

Success and defeat are two sides of the same coin.

Both a belief that says we move closer or further away from our internal power source.

We get to remain diligent and faithful with every micro step, in the smallness, in the details.

Because the biggest regret will be we gave up right before our breakthrough.

Sometimes the breakthrough is holding on and sometimes the breakthrough is dropping all allegiances that had us believe in defeat and dead ends.

Our power source, our inner being, is mightier than all the oceans roaring together, than every mountain you may be facing.

We are carved from the image of pure perfection, pure potentiality, and ‘if the oceans roar It’s greatness, so will I.’ .

Keep your head up luv, this too is medicine and fertilizer, setting you up for grander pastures. 🙏🏽💜



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Michelle Jeovanny

I create. I write. I express. Writing to create magick in this world. Where innovation meets depth and style. And perspective creates purpose. Elevating freedom