Michelle Jeovanny
2 min readMar 5, 2021


So many people think the answer is outside of them. So many people defend what they think they know based on beliefs systems handed down to them. ⁣

Just because you read it on google or a textbook doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because your mom and aunts, your dad, or teachers said it doesn’t make it true. ⁣

Instead of searching outside of you or relying on the news to dictate your fears, it’s time to connect to your divine intelligence as we are all great channels of our divine nature. ⁣

Because you are part of creation, you have the ability to create, and you are always in constant contact with this intelligence. ⁣

But most people don’t know how to listen or even be on the receiving end of your vision. Most people are too busy playing God in their little bubble, shuffling from one circumstance to another, amplifying their limitations because they don’t know how to listen to their divine intelligence. ⁣

What would it feel like to live a life that feels fulfilled? ⁣

A life of inspired action, where you love what you do, you love who you are and you love whom you are becoming.⁣

What would it feel like to know the legacy of purpose and power that you are creating? ⁣

Imagine living a life married to a vision that wakes you up with so much gratitude. ⁣

Imagine trusting your intuition, feeling connected to Source like never before. ⁣

It’s time to soar high and go further than you ever dreamed of.



Michelle Jeovanny

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